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Method 1: Pay by cash:
- For customers who buy at the store: Customers can pick up goods at the store and pay directly.
- For online purchase: Customers can choose to pay when receiving goods (COD) or transfer when ordering.

Method of calculating delivery charges:
    + Raw orders of over 1,000,000 VND are free of charge for delivery nationwide
    + The original order cost over 500,000 VND in advance is free of charge nationwide delivery
    + Orders of raw Hanoi city cost over VND 500,000 are free of delivery
    + Orders of raw Hanoi city cost over VND 300,000 in advance to be delivered free of charge
    + Discounted orders and orders that are not in the group that are free of charge are entitled to the delivery fee as follows: Hanoi city delivery fee 20,000 VND; suburban and less than 100km from Hanoi for delivery of 30,000 VND; delivery from 100km-300km from Hanoi to 40,000 VND delivery fee, over 300km from Hanoi over 50,000 VND delivery fee.

Method 2: Pay by ATM card or bank transfer
- Customers who buy goods directly at the store can use ATM cards and pay according to the instructions of the staff at the store.
- Customers who buy goods online after being notified of order confirmation will be sent a message of the bank account number and the corresponding payment amount.