How do i prepare for a tanning session?

When you schedule your first session, prepare ahead of time to get the most from it. Begin by exfoliating the day before you visit or you can have a good scrubbing with complete natural ingredients at our salon. Getting rid of the dead skin on top makes it easier for you to tan and will help your bronze last longer.

Next, begin tanning at least a couple of weeks before you want to look your best. That’s because it takes a while to build a base tan safely. And you’ll want to space sessions at least two days apart to protect your skin from undesirable effects.

Bring old or loose clothes because lotions with bronzers will rub off and stain it. Then don’t stack up errands to run right after your session because you won’t want to shower for at least three hours At least, not if you want the tanning intensifiers to keep working

Finally, a tan won’t last longer than a month but may fade faster than that. To prevent losing you

What are the benefits of indoor tanning over sun tanning?

The list of benefits is endless. For a start, the ability to control the exposure to UV rays with indoor tanning significantly reduces the risk of skin damage. This alone makes it so much more appealing than tanning under the sun. That aside, getting a full body tan is now made possible in a fraction of the time spent outdoors, with minimal hassle and all the privacy you need. Plus, you will never have to worry about tan lines or uneven tanning ever again.

How long do one session last and when will I start seeing results?

One indoor tanning session at Glow Inc only lasts 10 minutes. While results often vary from person to person, our customers are usually able to see a difference in their skin tone after their first session with us. For a more visible, longer-lasting tan, we would recommend a minimum of three tanning sessions. Feel free to speak to any one of our tanning consultants for personalized advice on how best to get your ideal tan

Is indoor tanning harmful?

Only excessive or overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light sources, whether indoors or outdoors, will lead to skin damage. With Glow Inc., you can be assured of safe indoor tanning with equipment designed and 100% imported from Ergoline, Germany to give you the healthy amount of UV light needed. You will be well looked after and guided by trained consultants who will advise you the best way to achieve your desired skin tone with minimal side effects and optimal results.

Which is safer: tanning indoors or outdoors?

Indoor tanning is growing in popularity for many reasons. Unlike tanning under the sun, indoor tanning is in a controlled environment that allows the monitoring and control of ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted, giving you the power to manage the level of exposure and intensity of the tan. This significantly reduces the risk of skin damage and skin cancer by preventing overexposure to UV rays.

How does indoor tanning work?

When skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, a pigment called melanin is stimulated within the body. When melanin is triggered, it rises to the outermost layer of the skin, starting the skin’s tanning process. The more melanin cells in the skin, the greater the pigments excreted, resulting in a darker tan. In indoor tanning, tanning beds and booths are fitted with fluorescent lamps that are specially designed to emit UV rays somewhat similar to that from the sun.