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At Glow Inc. you are not only satisfied by the dedicated and thoughtful service style, but you will be assured with modern imported beauty technology, professional techniques, above all, the absolute safety of services. .


Place your girlfriend to believe Beauty, Treat skin problems and Relax.


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Dyed brown skin

Forget the day, forget the long hours - hours are just minutes away. Yes, that's right, a fresh, tanned complexion in just a few minutes. If you have 8 to 10 minutes of free time, you're one step closer to your tanned, irresistible tanned skin.


The benefits of a spa vacation far exceed just beauty and relaxation. Detoxifying the body and increasing energy, reducing stress are just some of the many repayments! Escape from reality and go to a world of scent, softness and happiness.

Eliminates dead cells

This is an invigorating treatment for shiny skin using natural ingredients and scents. We use fine natural ingredients such as coffee, brown sugar, dried oats, trace elements and essential oils to regenerate the skin thereby restoring energy without abrasive particles. The skin is smooth, perfectly moisturized, in just 30 minutes.